Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Group is essential for Yeti Move. Our technology contributes on 12 of the UNSDG’s. Working closely with our customers we are helping them to reduce emissions and increase profitability through operational excellence.

The global Goals
for sustainable development

  • Autonomy combined with AI is an enabler for farming, reducing use of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Use of smaller driverless agricultural machines will reduce soil compacting and increase arable land.
  • Autonomous harvesting and crop care machines increases efficiency and mitigating risk related to seasonal labour.
  • Enabling use of underutilized arable land in high cost countries.
  • One of the big drivers for autonomy is «dull, dirty & dangerous». Using technolgy operators can be removed for hazardous environments and work remotely in a safe location.
  • For increased road safety technology using sensor fusion,situation awareness and collision avoidance is able to assess a sitiation faster than humans. This technology can also be applied on conventional vehicles as driver assistance.
  • Gender Equality is part of the business plan for YETI MOVE, striving for a good gender balance in all parts of the company.
  • The business verticals we are targeting are to a large extent male dominated. Introducing new work environments can attract more women for these jobs.
  • YETI MOVE will work actively with academia to promote women in tech, also focusing on internships, Master and PhD programs for women.
  • Autonomy is an enabler for electrification, transforming the industry to change from fossil to clean energy. Electric machines and vehicles are also easier to control than conventional equipment. All the large vehicle manufacturers are focusing on autonomy and transformation to clean energy solutions.
  • Energy optimization is part of autonomous operations. Machines can be operated at ideal speed significantly reducing the energy consumption.
  • A multi cultural working environment is important for the international ambition for YETI MOVE. Also adapting the workplace for people with disabilities.
  • Driverless technology will move workplaces away from dangerous working environments.
  • Autonomy also support industries where there is a lack of qualified workers.
  • Operational optimization enables reduction in wear, tear and energy consumption in addition to increased production and reliability.
  • Technology enables asset sharing between industries(peak, flex and demand).
  • YETI MOVE will invest heavily in R&D in close collaboration with partners, academia and research institutions.
  • To reduce emissions, congestions and the need for heavy investments in upgrading of and building new infrastructure, YETI MOVE can optimize the logistic and mobility flow in an area.
  • Transfer of goods from road to sea and inland waterways on electric vessels reduces traffic, emissions and congestion. Using autonomy to reduce the modal shift cost and using electric vehicles for last mile distribution.
  • Operational excellency using autonomy decreases wear on consumables reducing transfer of debris to nature, emissions to air and energy consumption.
  • Using artificial intelligence implementing condition monitoring, prediction and condition-based maintenance is preventing critical break downs for machines. Maintenance will be performed based on need and not fixed intervals.
  • Drones and Unmanned Ground Vehicles can be used for Search And Rescue operations reducing exposure for first responders.
  • Assess the operational scene for the most effective relief measures.
  • Using AI, sensors and machine learning combined with autonomous vehicles for early warning.
  • In industry and agriculture use of autonomy and AI will reduce transfer of debris and nutrient to the ocean.
  • Today we have explored approx. 8% of the oceans. Using small Autonomous Surface Vehicles, AI and sensors we are able to map the seabed explore natural resources and get control of biomass for a more sustainable use of marine resources.
  • Use of autonomy and AI for smart farming will reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers as a result protecting biodiversity.
  • Stop reducing natural habitats by using technology to increase efficiency and polyculture on existing arable land.
  • UAV’s combined with AI can be used for cost effective tracking, classification, monitoring and protection of wildlife.
  • Developing sustainable emerging technologies requires cross border collaboration between academia, private and public sector.
  • YETI MOVE will work actively to establish partnerships for sustainable industrial operations.