Yeti Move develops sustainable autonomous solutions for professional users. Starting with autonomous vehicles for snow removal at airports and we are now in the process of establishing the solution in other areas such as industry, construction and defence. The technology is OEM independent and can be used for several autonomous operations.

Yeti Move is based in Drammen. With deliveries to Stockholm and Oslo airports, Yeti Move is the only company with commercial deliveries for autonomous snow removal solutions at airports.

The need for more sustainable and efficient operations are becoming increasingly important. Autonomous and automated solutions is key to meet this demand. Yeti Move has developed an autonomy platform enabling a process driven approach to assign work tasks to self-driving operations. 


Our solution provides mission planning, execution, monitoring and data-collection with single and multiple autonomous vehicles/machines.

Customer statements

«This is a confirmation of the market potential of the Yeti system. Our solutions for self-driving snow clearing vehicles will make for more efficient airport winter maintenance»
Baard Røsvik
Business Manager at Semcon
«Every minute a plane is parked is precious. We see great potential for gains in accessibility, but also for the environment and safety because the machine is self-driven»
Hans Peter Havdal
GM at Semcon Norway

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