About us

Yeti Move is developing sustainable autonomous solutions for professional users. It all started with autonomous vehicles for airports and we are now in the process of establishing ourselves in other areas such as port logistics, industry and construction. Yeti Move is based in Kongsberg’s technology environment and is a small, but world-leading company with great potential and ambitions. With the Swedavia (2019) and Avinor (2021) frame agreements, we hold two of the world’s largest commercial autonomy contracts. Our solutions enable sustainable operations, integrating the customers process with autonomous and connected vehicles. The Yeti technology is OEM independent and can be used for all kind of autonomous operations. The interest in Yeti Move is large from all over the world and we truly believe we are pioneers within the autonomy world.

Vision and mission

Our vision
To provide autonomous solutions for a sustainable future.
Our mission
YETI MOVE shall develop Original Equipment Manufacturer independent software solutions for autonomous operations.

Our history


YETI Snow Technology was founded

YETI Snow Technology was founded by Øveraasen and Semcon in 2015. The company has developed self-driving snow removal vehicles for airports in close cooperation with Avinor. The solution aimed to increase efficiency and reduce delays at airports. A full-scale pilot was demonstrated March 19th 2018 at Fagernes Airport in Norway.


The winter season 2018/19 YETI Snow Technology was present at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Two autonomous sweepers were part of the ordinary winter maintenance, as a pilot project participating in regular operations driving 2 500 km throughout the winter.


Together with Øveraasen, YETI MOVE secured one of the worlds largest autonomy contracts with Swedish airport operator SWEDAVIA.


The autumn of 2019 Husqvarna Group also invested in Yeti, and the company started expanding in multiple business verticals. In 2019 the company also demonstrated a project with autonomous wheel loader, compactor and industrial grass cutter.


Moving forward

To reflect the expansion into multiple verticals the company changed name to YETI MOVE (Mission Oriented Vehicle Ecosystem) in the spring of 2020. YETI MOVE is focusing on industrial autonomy in a professional controlled environment with repetitive tasks e.g. airports, maritime ports, railyards, industrial sites, construction etc.



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Bjørn Tore Orvik

Interim CEO & CFO
Founder of the worlds largest industrial autonomous eco-system –Yara Birkeland. Background from finance, business development within multiple sectors, SW development, process knowhow and project management. Strong academic background in logistics and finance.
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Jan Simonsen

Experience from large projects, SW and product development in Kongsberg Maritime. International experience from Singapore, Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Busan(South Korea). Sales positions since 2008 and has in the recent years been responsible for large system sales (100- 500 MNOK) heading technical, legal and commercial negotiations and contracts.
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John Emil Halden

MSc with 20 years experience within advanced technology development. Former Project Office Manager with project portfolio and result responsibility for all project within Semcon Norge, in average 60+ simultaneous ongoing project at any times. Project Manager for larges and multidisciplinary projects within maritime, defense and automotive sector.
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Anders Fuglesteg Nilsen

Experienced systems architect in multidisciplinary, highly complex and technology intensive projects. Strong background in automation. MSc in systems engineering. Former leader of the systems engineering group in Semcon Norway. Lead architect on the complete development of Jotun Hullskater. Anders has an impressing ability to both deep dive into technical challenges and at the same time keep a commercial perspective. We are confident that Anders will have the ability to lead the development into the future.
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The team

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Eivind Indahl Helle

Technical Lead Hardware and Systems
BSc, Electronics and MCs, Systems Engineering
«At Yeti Move I get to play around with large machines and develop exciting technology with a great team. I am motivated by the opportunity to deliver innovative technology to new markets and redefining old ones.»
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Eirik Hexeberg Henriksen

Senior Technical Lead, Guidance, Navigation and Control
Phd in Underwater Robotics from NTNU
«Why Yeti Move? The combination of applying theory, making software and getting large machines to run in the real world is a winning combination for me. »
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Erik Sørnes Agerup

Senior Software Architect
M.Sc Engineering Cybernetics at NTNU
«I studied Cybernetics because of my fascination to automate and control machines. Yeti Move is a “dream come true“ workplace where I get to work with this passion, together with highly skilled colleagues using high-end technology. Every day feels unique and comes with new exiting challenges to solve. »
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Jorid Heidenreich Bommen

Graphic Designer
Bachelor in Graphic Arts Engineering & College Graduate in Visual Communication
«Working at Yeti Move gives me a unique opportunity to help build a company and a brand from scratch. There is a passion and a dedication among the team that I have not experienced in a long time. Last, but not least; the fact that the Yeti Move technology contributes to a sustainable future is an important motivator for me personally.»
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Phat Truong

Project Manager
M.Sc. Engineering and ICT, NTNU
«The best thing about working for Yeti Move is the combination of the culture, the team and the technology we are developing!»
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A global leading producer of outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, robotic lawn mowers and ride-on mowers. Operating the worlds largest robotics network with 2 000’+ connected robotic lawn mowers globally. Large competence team within robotics and IOT.


Family business with a lot of pioneering spirit. Market leader in design and development of snow clearing equipment. Has delivered several thousand machines. Øveraasen is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and matches the military AQAP standards.