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Planning and Simulation

Intuitive Planning & Real-Time Simulation for Airport Operations: Our cutting-edge software is designed to streamline airport maintenance operations by offering a comprehensive planning and simulation solution. Using our platform provides you with the capabilities to both plan and instantly simulate a variety of real-world tasks ranging from snow clearing to general maintenance, while ensuring high levels of precision and repeatability. Either through driver assistance or fully autonomous operations, our software ensures your airport operates efficiently regardless of weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Precision Path Planning: Utilise our advanced path planning tool to design precise routes for your airport maintenance machines. Ensure optimal coverage and efficiency for tasks such as snow clearing, leveraging paths meticulously mapped to the unique layout of your airport.
  • Equipment Configuration Management: Seamlessly plan and adjust equipment settings and configurations for each operation. Our system allows for detailed customisation, ensuring that machines are perfectly tuned for the specific maintenance tasks at hand.
  • Historical Data Input: Leverage past operation data to inform future planning. Our software allows you to analyse historical performance data to identify trends, optimise processes, and enable data-driven decisions for improved outcomes.
  • Real-Time Simulation: Witness the planned operations unfold in real-time simulations, providing a clear preview of how tasks will be executed on the ground. This feature helps to identify potential issues and optimisation strategies ahead of real world deployment.


Your Comprehensive Airport Maintenance Management Solution: Unlock the full potential of your airport maintenance operations with Insight, our advanced, OEM-independent platform designed to provide a 360-degree view of your entire machine fleet. With Insight, you gain unparalleled visibility into every aspect of your vehicles and equipment, ensuring optimal performance, enhanced safety, and increased operational efficiency. Insight is designed to be universally compatible, offering a seamless experience regardless of the vehicle or machine brand. Whether you’re managing snowplows, tarmac sweepers, or any other airport maintenance machinery, Insight integrates effortlessly, providing a unified platform to manage your diverse fleet.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay informed with live updates on the state of your fleet, including critical warnings and alarms. Ensure immediate response to any issues and maintain your operations at peak efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Access a wealth of information with detailed reports on engine temperatures, equipment states, and more. Insight gathers all your machine data in one place, enabling informed decision-making and proactive maintenance.

  • Geolocation Mapping: Visualize the precise location of each vehicle within your fleet on an interactive map. Monitor movements, track assets in real-time, and optimize routes for increased efficiency.

  • Operational Oversight: Gain insight into ongoing operations with detailed, real-time data. Understand how each machine contributes to the task at hand, facilitating better coordination and resource allocation.

  • Historical Data Analysis: Delve into the historical performance and operational data of your fleet to identify trends, forecast future needs, and plan upcoming operations with confidence.

Driver Assist

Enhance Operator Performance with Our Advanced Driver Assistance System: Empower your airport maintenance machine operators with our cutting-edge Driver Assistance System, meticulously engineered to complement our planning and simulation software. This innovative solution is designed to guide operators through their tasks with precision and confidence, even in the most challenging conditions.

Key Features:

  • Guided Navigation: Our system provides real-time navigation assistance, ensuring operators follow the pre-planned routes with pinpoint accuracy. This guidance is crucial for maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in maintenance operations, especially during critical tasks like snow clearing.

  • Track Adherence: Keep your operators precisely on their planned paths, reducing the risk of missed areas or unnecessary overlaps. Our technology ensures that every inch of the operation area is covered as intended, optimizing resource use and task completion time.

  • Equipment Instructions: At the right moments and locations, our system provides instructions for equipment changes, ensuring that the drivers is always set up for optimal performance based on the planned mission.

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: In an environment where visibility is crucial, our driver assistance system offers unparalleled situational awareness. Operators are informed of nearby vehicles and ongoing activities, reducing the risk of incidents and improving coordination on the airfield.

  • Operation in Low-Visibility Conditions: Designed to stand up to the toughest weather, our system provides essential support in whiteout conditions, where visibility is near zero. Operators can rely on our driver assistance to navigate, execute tasks, and maintain awareness of their surroundings, ensuring safety and continuity in operations.

Includes: Planning And Simulation, Insight

Driver Assist Plus

Driver Assist Plus is the enhanced version of our acclaimed Driver Assistance System, specifically designed to further reduce the cognitive load on operators while maximizing operational efficiency and safety. Building on the robust foundation of Driver Assist, this advanced system introduces automated equipment changes and minimizes the need for extensive machine training, making it a game-changer in airport maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Automated Equipment Adjustments: Driver Assist Plus takes automation to the next level by intelligently implementing equipment changes autonomously, based on the detailed operational plan. This feature ensures that the machinery is always in the optimal state for the task at hand, without requiring manual intervention from the operator.

  • Reduced Cognitive Load: By automating more functions and providing intuitive, real-time guidance, Driver Assist Plus significantly reduces the cognitive demands on operators. This allows them to focus on essential tasks, enhancing safety and efficiency, especially in critical or high-pressure situations.

  • Streamlined Operator Training: With advanced automation and user-friendly interfaces, Driver Assist Plus reduces the need for extensive machine-specific training. Operators can quickly become proficient, ensuring a smoother, more efficient onboarding process and allowing for greater flexibility in personnel allocation.

Includes: Planning And Simulation, Insight


Transform Maintenance Operations with Our Advanced Autonomy Service: Elevate the efficiency and precision of your airport maintenance with our cutting-edge Autonomy Service. Designed to harmonize the operation of multiple machines, our service incorporates a sophisticated formation controller and speed controller, ensuring synchronized and flexible operation of your maintenance fleet.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Formation Control: Our service empowers a group of machines to operate in a coordinated manner, maintaining optimal formation based on the task requirements. This coordination ensures comprehensive coverage and maximizes operational efficiency, whether it’s snow clearing or any other maintenance activity.

  • Precision Path Following: With our advanced navigation technology, each machine in the group follows a predetermined path with high accuracy, ensuring consistent and reliable execution of maintenance tasks. This precision guarantees that the same area is covered thoroughly, every time, without deviations.

  • Speed Control: Our autonomy service gives the operator full control operational speed, ensuring that they operate in unison while adapting to various conditions and obstacles. This flexibility ensures that your fleet maintains efficiency and safety, regardless of the operational environment.

  • Customizable Parameters: Tailor the operation to meet the specific demands of your airport and the prevailing conditions. Our service includes flexible parameters that can be adjusted to optimize performance, adapt to different weather conditions, or respond to unexpected challenges on the ground.

Includes: Planning And Simulation, Insight, Driver Assist Plus

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