Collaboration with University of South-Eastern Norway – USN School of Business

This winter, Yeti Move has started an exciting collaboration with USN School of Business. Four ‘Visual Communication’ students have been engaged to develop a strategic communication plan and a new visual identity for the company. The project group consists of Simon Dramstad, Pauline Fjuk, Kamilla Raade and Jørgen Frantzen. As part of their Bachelor-project they will, in close collaboration with the company, develop a strategic communication plan and a new visual identity.
Strategic workshop: Anders F. Nilsen (YETI MOVE), Jorid H. Bommen (YETI MOVE), Simon Dramstad (student), Pauline Fjuk (student), Kamilla Raade (student), Jørgen Frantzen (student) and John Emil Halden (YETI MOVE).

YETI MOVE is based in Kongsberg and is a small, but world-leading company within industrial autonomy. The company started with autonomous snow clearing vehicles for airports and is now in the process of establishing itself in other areas such as port logistics, industry and construction. In the coming years Yeti Move has great ambitions for global expansion, and in this regard, we need a strong and distinctive visual identity as well as a clear presentation of our concept. Primarily, the company wants to put in place a strategic communication plan and brand guidelines, but the students can influence the size and scope of the project.


“Working with the students is really inspiring. As a newly hired graphic designer at Yeti Move, it is very educational to work closely with them and their project! Not only can I follow their strategic work process, but it also gives me the opportunity to get to know the company I have just started working for and see it through the student’s eyes. In addition, I am the one who will manage the project result and use it as a toolbox in my everyday work.”
Jorid H. Bommen, Graphic Designer at Yeti Move

“As a student, it’s always exiting when we get to work on real projects and apply the strategies and theories we’ve been learning about in our classroom to a real client. The fact that we’ve been fortunate to get to work with Yeti Move, who only has a simple logo from before, gives us a lot of freedom in terms of how we’re going to approach the project. In the next couple of months, we will go through a strategic process that should result in a cohesive brand identity and communication plan anchored in Yetis brand values. We hope to deliver something that we can proudly put in our portfolios, and that Yeti Move will want to proudly embrace the result as their identity in the future.”
Jørgen Frantzen, student at USN

“Collaboration with academia should be important for all companies. In my opinion, we have an obligation to contribute with assignments, positions for Industry Master programs and as guest lecturers. After all, the students are our future employees. Based on experience from previous projects collaborating with USN we are confident that the students work will be valuable for our organization.”
Peter Due, CEO at Yeti Move

“By doing their bachelor projects as an assignment for a company like Yeti Move, the students get the opportunity to practice as designers in a realistic collaboration with a client. Through the study of Visual Communication at USN School of Business, the students have learned to understand and lead entire design processes, which include research and analyzes, development of strategy and design, as well as implementation, production and design management. Our experience is that a close collaboration with working life will make the students more prepared and relevant for the working life.”
Wanda Grimsgaard, Professor of Visual Communication at USN School of business