Exciting collaboration with Rakkatec

We’re happy to announce a collaboration agreement with the Finnish company Rakkatec. Together, we want to test out autonomous solutions on their vehicle Rakka UGV and bring this technology further.

Rakkatec is a technology company developing tele-operated unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) and logistic systems to carry out missions in the most demanding conditions and environments. Rakka multipurpose platform is a tele-operated UGV with high payload capacity and can effectively be equipped with a wide range of mission specific payloads. The Rakka UGV is currently equipped with an excavator and a hook lift device.

Last week we met at Rena to test properties and terrain characteristics. The test showed very good performance manoeuvring in challenging terrain and surfaces.

We look forward to further cooperation where we will implement the Yeti platform on this vehicle to enable autonomous operations.