Yeti Move’s success presented in a new digitalization report from the Norwegian Government

2020 has been a difficult and challenging year. The Corona pandemic has caused major challenges for the business community, but we have also seen an increase in the pace of digitalization. Video consultations with your doctor, home offices and home schools have become the new norm – The pandemic has given us a new digital everyday life. Maybe we are moving towards a working life that is both more human- and family-friendly, more cost-effective and more sustainable!

Earlier this year, the government launched a status report “Our New Digital Everyday Life” on how the Corona pandemic has increased digitalization in our society. Yeti Move’s world-leading sustainable autonomous solution is presented on page 24!

Click here to read the full report.

“This report is a roadmap on what we have achieved through the pandemic and what we will develop further to become even better”, says Minister of Districts and Digitalization Linda Hofstad Helleland.

“The idea behind this report is to show examples that can directly contribute to – or be an inspiration for – digital business development throughout the country. I think we can become better at showing good examples and cheering for successes. In this document I want to do just that”, says Minister of Districts and Digitalization Linda Hofstad Helleland.