New framework agreement with Swedavia for self-driving snowploughs

Last winter Yeti Snow Technology successfully tested autonomous snowploughs at Oslo Airport in Norway. Now Swedavia has chosen to use the new technology at Swedish airports through a new framework agreement with Øveraasen who will supply snow removal machines equipped with the Yeti system.

For air traffic to run smoothly, the runways must be totally free from snow. The Swedish airport operator Swedavia has signed a framework agreement with Øveraasen for autonomous snowploughs with technology developed by the Kongsberg based company Yeti Snow Technology.

“This is a confirmation of the market potential of the Yeti system. Our solutions for self-driving snow clearing vehicles will make for more efficient airport winter maintenance, which lower cost for the airport operators and reduces delays for the passengers’’ said John Emil Halden, Acting General Manager at Yeti Snow Technology.

Yeti Snow Technology, jointly owned by Semcon, Øveraasen and Husqvarna, has over the last 3 years developed an advanced system for management of autonomous vehicles used in environments with high requirements for safety, accuracy and reliability. The system is already tested at airports and in road construction, and there is great potential for other areas of application.

Swedavia is a state-owned company which owns and manages operations at 10 of Sweden’s busiest airports, including Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Malmö Airport.

For more information, please contact:
John Emil Halden, Acting General Manager
Phone: +47 911-53-832